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Multi Touch with FTIR

April 18, 2007


You may already know Jeff Han and his multi touch finger tracking, if you don’t go here: With a small acrylic pane, some IR LEDs a video projector and a webcam that we modified to see IR light we built our own little multi touch display. It actually works really well.


This is a picture from the IR webcam. The bright spots is where the fingers touch the acrylic pane.


Make a PCB

April 16, 2007


After the burdensome trip to Mr. Mathis lab we could start to bulid our first PCB. Draw some conducting paths on a self-adhesive foil and cut them out. Put the stencil on a nonconducting surface and spray it with Mr. Mathis paint. Remove the stencil carfuly and add some LED’s to it to make sure that it works. More pictures after the jump.


Technology Partner Meeting

April 12, 2007

farb_rob_web.jpgToday we went for a trip to Luzern. After a short stop at the Museum of Art and a lake-side picnic we had a meeting with Roger Mathis from a company for electromagnetic field shielding. With a lot of useful information and a bucket full of a highly conductive paint we took the train back home. You may see in rob’s face that we cant wait to test it ;- )


April 11, 2007


We spent the week doing some research. We were searching for all kind of projects in art, design, architecture, programming and technology and we found a lot.
We bookmarked most of the things we found on our delicious_pic.png page.


April 2, 2007


We are proude to present you the first step on the long road to our diploma. The timetable! A very useful tool to get your final degree. We are the world’s first transdisciplinary team who trys to addresse the relationships between a art project and a timetable.

Hello world!

April 2, 2007

So, here we are!

Natebu is a documentary blog of the diploma project of André Huber and Roland Broennimann.
We are students at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland Academy of Art and Design. André in Industrial Design and Roland in Media Arts.
On this blog you can follow our Project for the next couple of months.