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Video demonstration

May 26, 2007

This is a short video demonstration of how our matrix prototype works:


Fake it till you make it

May 22, 2007

Today we set up a new test installation. We used a video projector, a rear projection screen and the infrared webcam to simulate a large scale interactive led matrix. It only took some lines of processing code and about 1200 small reflective strickers.

Thanks to all the fellow student who helped with a cople of stickers 😉

This picture is a screenshot from processing:


Circuit Diagram

May 21, 2007

This is our attempt to draw a circuit diagram of the LED units.
We are not quite sure if it is a good solution, but is works one the prototype.

circuit diagram

It Works!

May 20, 2007

After sorting out some soldering mistakes and after debugging our Arduino code the prototype finally works.

the prototype

One smaller problem we still have, is that the Arduino can’t give us as much power as we would need. But this can be solved easaly with an additional power supply.

For the moment the capacity of the matrix is still kind of limited. All it can to is light up LEDs whenever the infrared transistors get enough light. Any object that gets close enough to a transistor will trigger the accordant LED.

With some more programming we will be able to do much more.

Technigal Concept Roundup

May 19, 2007

Over the past weeks we had many diffrent ideas of how an interactive LED- Matrix could work. To free our minds we illustrated them all colorful.

This one is the technique we want to realize with a prototyp.


More concepts after the jump.


Subject Area

May 14, 2007

Just some catchwords  about the project.

We are still searching for the look of the final installation.


The first prototype

May 10, 2007

Some pictures of our first interactive matrix prototype.

Our prototype consists of a matrix of 64 dots.
Each pot has one LED for the output and one infrared fototransistor with an infrared LED as input. To control all this we use the Arduino beard.

Fot this first prototype we decidet to use wires instead of the conductive ink.
It turned out to be a lot of soldering work…

More pictures abter the jump.



Functional diagram

May 4, 2007

This was an idea of combinig the FTIR thing with some IR-Transistors:


Post-it Brainstorm

May 4, 2007


After our tests we started to think how can we create something wich is not only fun for us. So we tried to find scenarios with a value for other peoples. For that we used the good old method to writte everytihng in your brain on a Post-it and stick it to a wall. Sorry und jetzt muess i uf e Zug. Mach morn fertig…

Here you can find a digital version of the brainstorming: