Technigal Concept Roundup

Over the past weeks we had many diffrent ideas of how an interactive LED- Matrix could work. To free our minds we illustrated them all colorful.

This one is the technique we want to realize with a prototyp.


More concepts after the jump.





3 Responses to “Technigal Concept Roundup”

  1. Sshratlm Says:

    30mmhA comment1 ,

  2. amanda Says:

    hi, I am trying to build something similar and I was wondering why you decided against the FTIR method. Does it not work very well?

    • natebu Says:

      Yes it did work. We had it running on a prototype.
      But you have to touch the plexi surface and we decided to go for a touch less interaction.
      Let us know when you have something to show form your project.

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