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Getting it to work

June 28, 2007


Today we assembled the first pcd matrix board. It took about 4 hours but doesn’t it look great? To our surprise it also works great. We are quiet relieved to see that the calculations and the planing war right. We will upload a video as soon as possible.



June 14, 2007

Probably the worst photoshop montage ever 😉

Monolith Montage

We go in production!

June 12, 2007

PCD Layout

Dude to the complexity of our pcb layout we where looking for some help. Iftest a company for  Innovative Industrial and Medical Electronics offered us some support and today we received the so called “gerber daten” for the boards. We are already looking forward to get out our soldering irons 😉board_layout

What we do

June 8, 2007

We never realy told you what we want to do with our creation. In fact we never realy knew it. But now we do! After houres of discutions and hard work we decided to create a interactive sculpture for the public space. It is our wish to bring peoples together, give them the chance to be active and communicative and bring life and relaxation to urban spaces. Led matrixes are already awhile a part of many public spaces but they are just used to tell use waht we should wear or drink. With our matrix you have the chance to get in a dialog with it and expres your self. The monolith and the arc are the ones we wont to work out.

More picures after the jump. (more…)

Form follows…

June 1, 2007


Because mind and body should be in harmony we started to search a suitable physical form for our creation.

Board Layout

June 1, 2007

The first board layout is ready for review.
You can donwload the pdf here: layout_pcb