Probably the worst photoshop montage ever đŸ˜‰

Monolith Montage


6 Responses to “Montage”

  1. gragra Says:

    mir hend mit sicherheit Ă¼bleri! gruess, team garvent ;o)

  2. jerome Says:

    that’s Brussels’ grand place, isn’t it? Are you visiting Brussels soon?

  3. natebu Says:

    yes it is Brussels.
    the original foto is from flicker.
    unfortunately I haven’t been there yet.

  4. ptr_ Says:

    space odyssey monolith at grand’place bxl
    love it

    cool idea to combine ftir with led/opticalsensor matrix

    ps: ey jerome đŸ˜‰

  5. ciara Says:

    give the person a break good montages take time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. tgtghtfgv Says:

    itsok fag

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