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Take a look inside

July 12, 2007

Arduino Code

We finally can show you some arduino source-code of our project.
It is  quite a mess and really rough but it seems to work.
We are working on a more sophisticated version so stay tuned.

Code after the jump. (more…)


We did it!!!

July 8, 2007


After three days and nights working we finaly finished our project. We turned over a functional matrix prototype, a high end mock-up and flash animations to explain the interaction. Enjoy the pix as we do.

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Three days and nights to go

July 2, 2007


We are getting awfully close to the finishing line…

Time savers

July 2, 2007

resistor bender

It took a while to get the idea but these too MDF pieces saved the day.
Bending over 1’000 resistors by hand would have been a real pain…